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Our 7 year food and wine journey was filled with many bumps in the road, a few natural disasters and the pleasure of sharing our love of Abruzzo with Toronto. 

After 7 years of hard work, commitment and devotion to "our baby" we are ready to let go and set our sails in a different direction. The decision was not easy however, the mission to open an authentic Abruzzese restaurant where the menu changes daily, the tables never turn and where we ask our guests to "do it our way" was accomplished. 

The restaurant permanently CLOSED on February 25, 2017, we will be heading back to Abruzzo, Italy to pursue a new business opportunity combining our love for food and wine. Our work will have us in Italy seasonally and then back in Toronto to host private dinners, catering, cooking classes etc. 

We will continue to be active on social media and will send quarterly email updates on our journey in Abruzzo and our various food events when back in Toronto. If you are not on our email subscriber list please go to the "CONTACT" tab of the website and complete the form. 

Thank you Toronto for your love and support over the last 7 years on Avenue Road and remember...  "Alfredo Fettuccine" is NOT an Italian dish, in Italy we NEVER eat pasta and meat/fish on the same plate, and a PROPER Italian meal takes time and should be enjoyed around the table with good friends and loved ones.

Keep the Abruzzo Food Movement alive!

Luca & Sharifa